Thursday, July 1, 2021

Pepper Jam and The Curling Mist Shawl

 This episode, I have finished a pair of vanilla socks and I'm almost finished with the Curling Mist Shawl.  I have plans to cast on the second shawl from the current season of Helen Stewart's Shawl Society, the Silver River Shawl.

The container garden is doing well.  I'm harvesting 100+ peppers a week!  Also, pepper jam is not fool proof.

Listen here.


Vanilla Socks in Three Irish Girls Yarn

Curling Mist Shawl by Helen Stewart
Yarn is Blueberry Chick, Kiawah 


Vanilla Socks in Bernetta Wolle Florida

Silver River Shawl by Helen Stewart

Rabbit Hole

The Basket of Shame
Projects that have been on the needles far too long

Luminary Socks by Helen Stewart in OOAK yarn from Blueberry Chick yarn

Goldfish Memory  by Casapinka; yarn is Kristen's Fiber Studio Fingering in "Paris", "Amsterdam" and "Wish You Were Here" colorways

Music is Jenny's Theme by Jason Shaw

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