Thursday, February 27, 2020

Starting the Night Shift

This week I've finished a dishcloth and my vacation socks.  I've been working on two other pairs of socks, a plain vanilla pair as well as the Kephart Prong Socks by Pat Hensley. I've still got the Dust of Snow Wrap by Helen Stewart on my needles and I cast on the Night Shift by Andrea Mowry.

I've done some indoor gardening and some shopping for supplies while hoping that the corona virus fades quickly.

Listen here.

FO'sVacation Socks, plain vanilla socks on 9 inch circulars and a sock blank from Gale's Art

Night Shift by Andrea Mowry
Plain vanilla socks in yarn from One Twisted Tree
Kephart Prong Socks by Pat Hensley

These projects didn't get any love this week:   
Dust of Snow Wrap by Helen Stewart

Pattern Rabbit Hole   
Northern Lights Shawl by Helen Coe
Night Groove by Isabell Kraemer
Raise a Glass by Lisa K. Ross
Ranunculus by Midori House

Other fluff for your rabbit hole:
Fever by Mary Beth Keane
Bags from Bede Sisters 
Yarn from Blueberry Chick Yarn 
Music is "Jenny's Theme", by Jason Shaw 

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