Monday, March 16, 2020

Episode 106 Support Your Local Dyer

This week, I'm talking about my vanilla socks (there was trouble), my Night Shift shawl progress and how the Milky Oolong Shawl got bigger. I've been doing some gardening and I'm excited about getting my piano tuned. I've also posted a YouTube video about my micro greens project.

Let's support each other and if you can, buy from dyers and designers who are facing cancelled events.

Listen here.


Night Shift by Andrea Mowry
Plain vanilla socks in yarn from One Twisted Tree
Milky Oolong by Susanna Winter

These projects didn't get any love this week:   

Pattern Rabbit Hole   
Jabloni w Zwetu by Olga Beckman
Celestial Seas Pullover by Corrine Walcher

Other fluff for your rabbit hole:
A Room for Cathy by Catherine Wooley
Half Finished by Lauraine Snelling

Bags from Bede Sisters 
Yarn from Blueberry Chick Yarn 
Music is "Jenny's Theme" by Jason Shaw 

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