Friday, April 17, 2020

Episode 108 Roostery Plumage

This week I don't have anything finished but I have been working on several things.  I'm almost finished with the Super Secret Test Knit project.  I've also gotten past the heel of the second vanilla sock in One Twisted Tree "Frozen Forest of Dean" yarn.  The Nightshift Shawl is coming along and I cast on Goldfish Memories by Casapinka.
We have a new male goat who is adorable and are hoping to hatch some eggs in our incubator. Also, I waited for 3.5 hours to buy chicken.

Listen here.

FO'sNone. *dramatic sigh*

Night Shift by Andrea Mowry; yarn is Malabrigo Rios 

Super Secret Test Knit; yarn is BlueberryChick Kiawah Fingering in "Mrs. Ross" colorway

Vanilla Sock, no pattern; yarn is One Twisted Tree Prime sock in "Frozen Forest of Dean" colorway

Goldfish Memorby Casapinka; yarn is Kristen's Fiber Studio Fingering in "Paris", "Amsterdam" and "Wish You Were Here" colorways

Pattern Rabbit Hole   
Flower Buds by Lyudmila Aksenik

Stay Out of the Forest by Jennifer Lassonde

Other fluff for your rabbit hole:
Bags from Bede Sisters 
Yarn from Blueberry Chick Yarn 

Music is "Jenny's Theme" by Jason Shaw 

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